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Why You’re Enough


Over the past twenty years of working with women, regardless of location, education, or station in life, there’s been a common thread: women tend to have a low view of themselves. Our go-to story is “not enough” but God says “you’re enough.” You are his image bearer, a one of a kind never to be seen again in history woman who is made on purpose for a purpose.

About Jackie

Author, Teacher, Thought Leader, & Online Pastor

Dr. Jackie Roese grew up working on her family farm in upstate New York. She focused that work ethic in pursuing her Masters and Doctorate degrees while raising three children. She has taught the scriptures and trained other women to do the same for more than 25 years.

She envisioned, wrote, and oversaw the development 15 bible studies studied by women around the world. While working on her doctorate she developed, She Can Teach, a course that trains women to teach the Bible effectively. To coincide with the course, in 2013 Jackie published her first book, She Can Teach: Training Women to Teach the Scriptures Effectively. In 2012, Jackie founded The Marcella Project, an organization committed to reshaping the view of women.

The Marcella Project’s goal is to ennoble women (lift up to dignity as Jesus intended) through Scripture-focused teaching, training, and dialogue. In 2015 Jackie wrote her second book, Lime Green: Reshaping Our View of Women in the Church. Jackie also speaks around the U.S. at conferences and retreats.

She has had the opportunity to teach and train women in Rwanda, Romania, and South Sudan. She and her husband, Steve, were influential in the start-up of the microfinance organization called, AWI, African Women’s Initiative. She has been married to Steve, Founder & President of Water Is Basic, for more than 30 years and has three young adult children, Hunter, Hampton, and Madison.

The Goods

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“Jackie called out of me something deep and intimate, the place where I want to serve Jesus so badly and am insecure about what I can or am allowed to do. Then she called me up to leadership and told me that I can be confident in my calling, in a way that no one else has called me out and up. And she did all of it in a gentle, Jesus-honoring, Bible-obeying manner that I could trust.”

Amanda Clark

“Dr. Jackie Roese has been teaching women for a long time. And doing it well. Really well. The woman can preach. She’s even trained lots of others to do the same.”

- Sandra Glahn - Associate Professor of Media Arts and Worship at Dallas Theological Seminary

“I have been hungry my whole life for more, the freedom I had experienced as a dancer, the beauty I witnessed in creation, the satisfaction I knew from working for justice amidst brokenness, and I do not remember anyone telling me about Jesus did for the reconciliation of all things – until Jackie started unpacking that for me. These truths set me free. And not free to be the good Christian I thought I was supposed to be. Not to image Jackie or any other leader as a mini icon. But to be fully alive as myself.”

Marijoy Horton, Your Content Goes Here

“As a member of a church, I was over-used but under-utilized. I have attended church nearly my entire life and used for kingdom service. But Jackie showed me that God uniquely fashioned me for a specific purpose. I need to be used according to my Spiritual gifts. Jackie opened the cage and said, “Run. Play. Dig. Eat.”

Jamie Tanner

“Jackie Roese’s story is poignant, her reasoning is sharp, and her vision is compelling. I am inspired by Jackie’s call to new creation thinking and partnerships.”

Ray Befus, Pastor, and Regional Leader, Great Lakes North, Vineyard USA

“Having the whole story is important when developing a worldview and Jackie helps you see two sides of an important issue. It asks the question of what our relationship with both genders was designed to look like and why we have a conflict today. Addressing, with love, our underlying beliefs Jackie tells her story of navigating a divisive worldview that has pushed people away from a relationship with God.”

David Tschetter

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