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I Am Disrupted

The Huffington Post published an article By Carol Kuruvilla on how 1,400 evangelicals joined forces to urge protection of Dreamers. The list of signees was a who’s who in the Christian evangelical world. Men and women of great influence lent their name to the protection of DACA. I was thrilled but also disrupted. Why weren’t those men’s names

I Am Disrupted 2018-04-24T04:49:16+00:00

I Didn’t Want To Be A Mother

I never wanted to be a mother. I wasn’t one of those girls who fantasized about the man I would marry or the house I would live in. I never really gave much thought to having kids. To be really honest, I am not a very nurturing person (you can ask my oldest

I Didn’t Want To Be A Mother 2018-04-24T04:52:35+00:00

I Was Asked And I Answered

This past weekend I spoke at a women’s retreat. One of the sessions was an hour of Q & A. Many of the questions asked were about my extended family, forgiveness, parenting, and such but one woman asked the following: What’s the prayer you’ve been praying for the women of our (the next) generation?

I Was Asked And I Answered 2018-03-02T18:53:56+00:00

We Are More Than A Vaginal & Womb

We like wine and cheese and meaningful conversation in our home. So we host “wine and cheese” gatherings on a regular basic. Here is how they work: A blind copy email is sent to a long list of people with a list of dates. People respond to a date they would like to

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